Trouble With A Capital T: Pets Get Into Tricky Situations

By Christina Anderson Sep 14, 2016

Weird cat and dog pictures are photos of animals that are innocent and wild at times, but there are times when they just make the world go crazy with their abnormal activities. Many times we go through pictures on our social media profiles, and these cats and dogs look their best when struck in certain situations.
In this post, we will share some weird cat and dog pictures where the animals have gotten stuck, and they pretend to be very normal as if nothing weird has happened.
The Siberian husky seems to be stuck with the low-grown branches of the tree, but she is giving the expressions as if she is practicing her daily gymnast routine.
Look at the dog, stuck in the bushes. He is giving the expression that everything is normal, and there is nothing wrong with him.
Look at the pair of pugs. They look as if they are not stuck in the sand but are enjoying the sun bath which is kind of essential for their skin.  The expression says it all.
Look at the poor dogs that are stuck in the trash boxes. Look at their expressions. They are behaving as if they were wearing some kind of new-styled collars.
Oh, so you think the poor dog is stuck, but see the expression. It is his daily exercise routine face.
The one is stuck in some box over the head, and the other is posing in some classic pose of yoga. Are they stuck?  No! The expressions on their faces make it seem like everything is normal.
Well, the dog doesn’t feel like having the fun over, but under the swing. No, don’t assume that he is stuck. He is kind of enjoying the session of relief.
Do the animals look like they are stuck? Well, at first you may think so, but then when you stare closely, you will see that they are enjoying their own moment.
It seems like the cat likes the doughnut more as a collar. She can at least lick it every time she feels hungry.
Oh gosh, no these animals are not trapped in different situations, but it is their trainer who is telling them to practice different posing situations.
The little dog is not caught in the dishwasher, but she is trying to taste the last piece of meat she perhaps forgot to eat.
The cats’ look weird posing. No, they don’t look stuck, but they are practicing a new sport.
You think that he is stuck, look closer, he is just trying to play with another dog.
Look at the dog trying out a new hair style.
The dog likes roaming around with his chair; at least he won’t have to sit on the floor every time he wants to sit. The cat meanwhile is giving a massage to her neck.
I don’t like to eat the bread but love to wear it on my nose, see, it fits their naturally.
I wasn’t trying to jump on the other side, but here I got stuck in the net.
The dog is not stuck in the middle of the chair, but trying to hide himself from the piercing sun rays.