Adorable Orphaned Kitty Will Not Leave Her New Surrogate Mother’s Side

By Caitlyn Gomez Nov 15, 2016

Sharra Platt found the newest addition to her family on Crenshaw Street. It seems the little guy kept meowing for his mama for hours, but he couldn’t find her. Even the humans who initially found the kitty couldn’t locate the mama cat.
Platt sprang into action. She couldn’t leave him in this condition because Crenshaw was little, alone, helpless and on the edge of a bad neighborhood.
So the woman took the little kitten home to become a welcome addition to the rest of the pack.
Even though there’s another cat in the house, Crenshaw looks up to Roxy, her adoptive mother. Roxy is a rescued pit bull.
The two share the same feelings of closeness since they were both orphaned earlier in their lives, but the Platt family stepped up to adopt them.
Here’s two fluff balls bonding over a nap.
These two look like twins separated by a couple of years. Crenshaw’s rescue must have been fate!
Source: Coviral