This Service Dog's Day Is Made When He Meets Pluto At Disneyland

By Nick Washington Nov 15, 2016

Service dogs have an important job to do. These animals undergo years of training to make sure that they can provide assistance to those in need.
One of those animals is Ace. He is a labrador that has been training to be a service dog since he was a puppy. His owner and trainer Sandy has been showing him the ropes before he goes off to service animal College, which is apparently a thing that we wish we could attend.
Anyway, before he goes off to enjoy his college experience, Sandy brought him to the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland. Although, we have to imagine that for a dog the happiest place would be a bacon factory that dispenses belly rubs.
The trip to the park was not all fun and games, however, as it was designed for a purpose. As a service dog, Ace needs to be able to listen and follow commands even when there are crowds and various distractions.
In this case, one of the distractions was none other than Pluto.
For the most part, Ace did a good job (you could say he “aced” it), but he still couldn’t resist Pluto’s charm at first. Ultimately, he managed to do what he was supposed to and showed that he was ready for college.
You can see Pluto and Ace meeting in this video below.
Source: Buzzfeed