Romeo The Cat And Juliet The Dog: A Love Story With A Happy Ending

By Abby James Nov 15, 2016

Meet Romeo and Juliet. Two star-crossed lovers that were never meant to be, and yet their love draws them together like an invisible force field.
As you can see, Romeo and Juliet are not two moody teenagers, but instead a cat and a dog. Romeo is the cat, and Juliet is the dog.
The pair were found together in Chula Vista, a city just south of San Diego in California. They were bonded to each other, and when they were rescued, they fought to stay together.
Unfortunately, the animals were brought to the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility, and there cats and dogs are held separately.
But their love would not yield. After being torn apart, Romeo became moody, avoiding sleep and eating, and just generally acting morose. It turns out that he was much more like his literary counterpart than we thought.
Fearing for his health, the staff at the shelter brought Juliet back, and the two animals instantly perked up. Afterward, they knew that these critters were a package deal.
According to the administrator of the facility, Amanda Mills, she’s never seen anything like this. She’s seen two dogs bonded together or two cats, but never a cat and a dog. That’s precisely what they said about the Montagues and the Capulets, too.
Fortunately, this story does not end in tragedy, and the two animals are allowed to be together in a makeshift pen. Similarly, they can only be adopted together, so you won’t be able to get one without the other.
Who says true love doesn’t exist?
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