Missing For Over A Year, This Cat Was Finally Found ... Fat And Happy In The Most Purrfect Place

By Brittney O'Neill Nov 9, 2016

Back in 2014, Tanya and Jonathan Irons had a small tragedy befall their family. Their beloved cat Clive had disappeared. The English couple had raised Clive since he was a kitten, and his disappearance shook them to their core. Worst of all, their daughter Elizabeth was heartbroken that Clive was gone.
They searched and searched, but Clive never showed up. After a while, they came to terms with the fact that they’d probably never see him again.
That is, until fourteen months later.
What makes Clive’s return to the Irons’ family isn’t that it took so long, it’s where they found him. He was just two miles away, living it up in a pet food factory.
How Clive wound up there is still a mystery, but there’s no question as to why he stayed. When he was finally caught, old Clive weighed more than double what he did when he went missing.
The staff at the factory knew that they had an intruder when they spotted cat poop and noticed that food had gone missing. For a while, they tried to hunt down Clive, but he outfoxed them at every turn.
Finally, they devised a trap so cunning and clever that Clive couldn’t get out of it. They placed treats in a line leading up to a pressure sensor. When the fat cat pressed down, a basket came down on him, trapping him and ending his feeding spree once and for all.
After they had caught the culprit, the factory staff took Clive to the vet, and a scan of his microchip found the Irons right away.
They were relieved to get him back but shocked at how big he got. In fact, he was so big that they had to tell Elizabeth that it’s an entirely new cat, as she can’t believe it’s still Clive.
According to Tanya, Clive eats non-stop now. Before, he was much more selective in his eating habits. Now, she just places a bucket of food in front of him, and he eats his fill.
Even though they are keeping him well fed, we’re sure that Clive is still dreaming of the good old days at the factory. We don’t blame him.
Source: Mirror