Atlas The Adorable Dog-Sized Rescue Rabbit Is Looking For A New Home

By Brittney O'Neill Nov 15, 2016

Meanwhile, in Scotland…
Have you ever come face to face with a Continental Giant Rabbit? If not, then consider yourself lucky. You know that when a breed has “giant” in the name, they must be huge. So big, in fact, that you may not believe your eyes.
Nonetheless, you should meet Atlas. This gigantic rabbit is currently living at a shelter in Scotland, having been dropped off by his previous owners. We assume that they didn’t know he would get so big, and he ate them out of house and home.
That’s the other thing about Continentals; they eat a lot. In fact, one rabbit can consume up to a bale of hay per week, and over 2000 carrots and 700 apples in a year. That’s a literal ton of food. As for Atlas, he’s already almost four feet long and weighs over forty pounds. He’s more than a handful; he’s a truckload.
Amazingly, he’s not even done growing. As a result, he needs to find a proper home. His current residence, the Scotland Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), is reaching out to anyone who can take him.
To house him, you will need a cage that’s the size of a dog kennel. We already told you how much he can eat, and he loves being petted. Just don’t hold him up, although that would be quite a struggle for some people.
Interestingly enough, Continental Giant Rabbits have been around since the mid-16th century. They were bred from other species of the era so that they could grow large, thereby creating more fur and meat for the locals. These days, however, people don’t eat them as much as they used to, which means that there are plenty of them being adopted and domesticated.
If you’re ready for a giant rabbit in your home, then contact the SSPCA and see if Atlas is right for you.
Source: Theguardian