The Best Of The Internet: 10 Hilarious Cats With Their Kids

By Kristy Rice Sep 16, 2016

Dogs might be man's best friend but when it comes to children, cats make the perfect partners in crime. Obviously individual personality and demeanor will determine how patient and tolerant your feline friend is of over-zealous and boisterous munchkins, but these cats from around the internet prove that love and patience comes in small packages. It doesn't get any cuter than kitty-cats and kiddos.

Curious Couple

They fill it with what-and you sit in it?!? This little munchkin is sharing his depth of knowledge about the family bathtub. Socks, on the other hand, thinks baths are an urban legend. Who would subject kitties to that type of torture after all?

Snuggle Buddies

Say Cheese...and mice! Both cats and babies are expert snugglers. These two are practicing the cuddling arts and honing their skills to use later on unsuspecting victims.

Milk-Mustached Floor Lickers

Who needs a mop with these guys around? Maybe it's the parent in me, but I think the little tinker-tot there might have figured out how to get her kitty's attention. Good luck keeping that cup off the floor now...but at least she's learning to share!

So Close

Just...a...little...bit...further. Little Fluffy has no idea of the danger behind him. Don't worry, though. Junior there is sure to get faster, more mobile and downright stealthy in his pursuit of the elusive fuzz-ball with legs. I give it a month before this chase gets really interesting.

WTH is That?

Holy Crap! Do you guys see this thing? We're witnessing the first face-to-face meeting of these forever friends, though one party seems clearly more astonished than the other. And can you blame her? That fluffy creature is as big as she is.

Little Devil

Rise, my evil minion of the dark! Midnight here seems unimpressed by all the attention from this cute little devil. Obviously the costume isn't fooling anyone. Midnight's been burned before and he knows it's just Tommy trying to get him to do his bidding...again.

Um, no.

Fluffy don't play. If you think kids have a lot of facial expressions, this cat who's had enough sets a new bar. I wonder if he needs some me-ow time?

Totally Babied

Shhh...the baby's sleeping. Ginger doesn't mind being babied at all and her munchkin has no problem delivering. She enjoys long walks in the stroller, batting at her mobile and snuggling with her binky.

Soul Mates

Soon, Sarah...soon. The family dog's been walking around all cocky but these two are plotting to take him down...for good. I'm pretty sure Fido is screwed.