Elephant Pack Stands By Trapped Family Members For Two Days Until Rescue Workers Can Save Them

By Kristy Rice Nov 17, 2016

Elephants are already known as social and familial creatures but a recent display of dedication and solidarity is warming hearts across the internet.
Packs stay together for life and are led by the oldest matriarch of the family group-and apparently when they say life they mean it.
When three elephants became trapped in a man-made pool in the Yunnan Province of China, the rest of the pack spent two days by their sides.
Though they were unable to rescue their relatives, the loving pachyderms reassuringly stroked their panicked loved ones with their trunks until help could intervene.
Villagers alerted forestry police once it was clear that the elephants could not escape on their own but rescue efforts were thwarted by heavy rains and the protective elephant family, who tried to defend their trapped relatives.
To get near enough for rescue on the second day, workers had to use fireworks to scare away the sentinel family members.
Once rescuers could approach the pool they used a backhoe to tear down one of its walls.
With a clear route of escape, the trapped elephants were able to climb free and reunite with the family who stood by them-even in the face of what they must have perceived as 'threatening' rescue workers and terrifying danger.
Elephants might be known for their memory but after seeing this story of bravery and love, maybe they more appropriately symbolize family-where no one gets left behind, or forgotten.
See the dramatic rescue in the video below:
Source: Inspiremore