Insurance Company Names The Top 10 Destructive Dog Breeds

By Kristy Rice Sep 16, 2016

Your dog's destructive behavior is likely a sign of teething, separation anxiety, boredom or your pet simply wants to get your attention. But apparently some breeds are more destructive than others.
So much so that an insurance company in the UK, Eclipse Financial Systems Limited, funded a survey to find out how much owners spend on dog-related incidents like cleaning and replacing flooring and furnishings, as well as the costs of gnawed shoes and destroyed landscaping. This survey resulted in their top ten list of the most destructive dog breeds.
To celebrate these animal over-achievers let's count down the list with some gasp-inducing snapshots and jaw-dropping videos of dogs gone wrong. Be glad you don't have to clean up these messes.

#10 German Shepherd

German Shepherds come in tenth, costing the average owner £561.92 (the American equivalent of $744.26) in added expenses. You can imagine why. They are incessant chewers during teething and have loads of energy. You risk boredom if you don't keep your German Shepherd active and engaged.

#9 Pointer

What do you do when you keep coming home to a disastrous mess? You set up the camera to see just how bad your baby is while you're away. It gets real at about 1:45 and I'm surprised the door survived. Pointers come in ninth with expenses of £601.22 or $796.32.

#8 Beagle

It took me a second to figure out exactly what he was poking at but oh man! Apparently someone likes to tunnel. This dog needs some extra outside time. Beagles come in eighth on our list, costing owners £608.80 or $806.36 for those state-side.

#7 Husky

Huskies are popular but most people aren't aware of their notorious destruction. These dogs are extremely active, making them easily bored. They're also challenging-as in challenging your alpha status. A willful child is a good comparison. Huskies come in seventh on our list of destructive dogs with an expense total of £671.37 or $889.23 and-just cause it's share-worthy here's one more Husky, tearing up a couch.
Okay. Let's move on.

#6 Great Dane

This Great Dane and Greyhound mix got bored while Mom and a friend went to a meeting. What you can't see in this picture are the peanuts, puzzle pieces and dvds strewn about the house. Own a Great Dane and expect an extra £691.50 or $915.89 in expenses.

#5 Bulldog

This one's probably my favorite so far. Roxy! Bulldogs come in fifth on our list with costs of £749.19 or $991.38.

#4 Dalmatian

What is it with couches and dogs? It's gonna get worse if he gets at that foam. Dalmatians come in at number four with £775.22 or $1025.82 in damages.

#3 Boxer

At 2:04, there's bonus security footage of the animal activity. I don't think new furniture is going to help. It wouldn't last long enough to matter. Boxers place third for costs of £784.12 or $1037.60!

#2 Dachshund

She sure took it well. I hope they stocked up on garbage bags during that bulk-buying trip. Expect a Dachshund to cost you an extra £810.39 or $1072.36. Are you surprised such a little pup made it to number two? Wait 'til you see number one...
Drumroll ...... and first place goes to ...

#1 Chihuahua

First place goes to the mighty Chihuahua with £865.99 or $1145.93 in damages and to celebrate, here's the ultimate destruction grand finale. These little paper shredders are probably a blast on Christmas, so long as they're not left alone with the presents.
Source: Animalhumanesociety | Payingtoomuch | Nbcnews