Should Losing A Pet Qualify You For Bereavement Leave?

By Nick Washington Nov 29, 2016

If you’ve ever had a close family pet, then you know the unbearable feeling that comes when it’s time to say goodbye. Even if your dog or cat lives to a ripe old age, we cannot escape the sad reality that, eventually, we will have to watch as our loved ones pass on.
Still, even with that knowledge in the back of our minds, it’s never easy to say goodbye to an animal that was such a big part of your life. Whether you had your pet for years or just a few months, the impact of such a loss can be devastating.
Adding to that misery is the fact that, when it happens, we cannot stop our world to mourn the recently departed. If it were a human family member, sure, we have the right to take time off of work to grieve. But, alas, for pets, there is nothing we can do.
Or is there? A small but growing trend in business is to recognize the need for bereavement leave for pets as well as relatives. Some small companies have policies that enable pet owners to take some time off to properly mourn the passing of a family animal.
For non-pet owners, the idea may seem a bit laughable. But if you’ve ever been attached to a furry animal, then you know how terrible it can be to lose one, especially if you had grown close.

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Source: Dogtime
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