"Saddest Polar Bear" Gets A Vacation

By Abby James Dec 7, 2016

If you’ve spent time on the internet, then you have probably heard about the world’s saddest polar bear before. His name is Pizza, and he lives alone at the Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China. Although the name makes it seem like an okay place for a bear, the fact is that it is nestled inside of a shopping mall, which means that Pizza has very little space to roam, walk, or even play.
Since the place opened in January, people all over the world have expressed their disgust with such poor conditions being used for a polar bear. Even when you look at him, it’s obvious that he is depressed. He sulks around and looks morose all day long.
In fact, the blowback had reached a fever pitch when a petition to get him taken out reached over one million signatures in just a few months.
While the mall owners have not stated whether the petition would change anything, it does seem that Pizza is getting a bit of a reprieve. The Aquarium exhibit is being remodeled and upgraded, which means that Pizza gets to go back to his old home, where he has fresh air and plenty of room to stretch.
Unfortunately, the current plan is to bring him back to the mall once it’s finished, although many are calling for the change to be permanent. Peter Li, a policy specialist for Humane Society International, says that it’s cruel to keep a bear of that size in such conditions, but the mall owners still seem adamant about keeping him.
They even released a statement saying that they were sad to see him go and that they couldn’t await his return. They also made it seem like Pizza had a great life, playing with children and lazing around all day. If only that were true.
So, it’s unclear yet what will happen to the saddest polar bear, but hopefully, his future will look a little brighter. Interestingly enough, though, the Aquarium houses other animals, but none have gotten the same attention as Pizza. Grandview is also home to Beluga Whales, Arctic Foxes, and even a lone wolf. For now, it appears that they will be staying put.
Source: Bbc