Indian Animal Rights Activist Opens Hotel For Dogs

By Brittney O'Neill Dec 7, 2016

Meet Shravan Krishnan. He is an Indian activist who lives in the city of Chennai. As an avid animal lover, he does everything he can to help save any and all creatures that he can, whether it’s rescuing them from floods or protecting them from people.
In all, Shravan has saved literally thousands of animals over the years, but he still feels like that’s not enough. As part of his ongoing mission to help the helpless, he has opened a dog hotel in the city for all of the strays.
When he was younger, Shravan loved to play cricket. He even tried to get a scholarship, but a spinal injury prevented that. It was back then that he began his hotel for dogs, but his original space was wholly inadequate.
Recently, however, he opened up a new version that is much more inviting and spacious. The hotel has climate controlled kennels, a grooming parlor, and even a swimming pool for the dogs to escape the sweltering Indian heat.
In addition to running his hotel, Shravan also works with the Forest Department whenever they need help. Most of the time he will assist with rescuing animals from humans as well as natural disasters. His number one species is snakes.
The reason that Shravan is focused on snakes is that they get such a bad rep that people will try to kill them even if they aren’t venomous. In fact, watching him hold the snakes has earned him a mighty reputation with the locals.
Recently, Chennai suffered bad flooding, and Shravan was on the scene, saving snakes, deer, monkeys, and any other animal he could find before they were swallowed by the rising tide.
Overall, we have to say that Shravan is an inspiration. Even after rescuing thousands of creatures, he still dedicates his life to animal protection and preservation. He even teaches local kids how to care for animals so that they might continue his work and spread his influence.
Keep on trucking, Shravan.
Source: Thelogicalindian