This Shelter Puts Rescue Dogs In A Photo Booth And The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

By Pamela Bonds Dec 12, 2016

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, then you might be wondering where the best place would be to get one. If your mind went to a pet store, however, then you should be ashamed of yourself.
In the US, there are almost four million dogs that need a home but are instead waiting for adoption from a shelter. Most of these dogs are in desperate need of some love, and many of them will make excellent additions to your family.
However, despite the abundance of shelter dogs, not enough people adopt them, which means that about a third will be euthanized. It’s enough to make your heart break. If only there were some way to make shelter dogs seem more appealing to prospective pet owners.
Fortunately, for the staff members of the Humane Society of Utah, they have come up with a rather interesting method of showcasing their dogs in such a way that you cannot help but fall in love at first sight.
Photo booths are a fun and lively way to take pictures, and everyone loves to make funny faces in them. Apparently, dogs are no different, as you can see from these pictures. Using a photo booth and some dog treats, the Humane Society is able to show pet owners another side of these pooches that they may miss when looking at them in the shelter.
Looking at these pictures, you get the sense that each dog has a distinct personality, which makes it all the more important that they get adopted. Imagine if you were stuck in a cell for your whole life, waiting for someone to come and give you a home.
Adopt a shelter dog today.
Source: Shareably