We All Win When It Comes To The #CuteOff

By Kristy Rice Dec 8, 2016

Thanks to an inadvertent tweet by ecologist Anne Hilborn, two competing hashtags were born: #JunkOff and #CuteOff. I'll spare you the scientific images of rare animal genitalia from the former, but people everywhere are enjoying the adorable shares sparked by the Cuteness-War.

Depending on field of study (or spirit animal for us non-scientists) participants rooted for their favorite creatures with hashtags like #TeamEntomology for bugs, #TeamHerpetology for reptiles, and of course, #TeamMammal for all things furry.
If you haven't seen the collections of #CuteOff images circling the internet yet, prepare to "Awww" cause here are some of my favorites:
These guys soaking up some rays are the definition of peaceful.

And then there's this endangered fluff ball.

If that weren't cute enough, this tiny turtle is nothing but adorable!

Some proved that cute doesn't always equal cuddly...

While #teamcuddly held nothing back.

This little guy popped in to say "hi".

Bugs like this one broke stereotypes and stole the show.

Did I mention the babies?

Then there was the unusual yet adorable...

And my personal spirit animal...

It's safe to say that if anyone won the #CuteOff, it's us.
Source: Huffingtonpost | Upworthy