One Animal Lover Made A Very Special Donation This Christmas

By Nick Washington Dec 13, 2016

Kim Pacini-Hauch loves animals and she loves houses. She sells houses for a living as a realtor for ReMax in the Sacramento, California, area. To celebrate the success of her business in 2016, she made a huge donation to the Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento.
The donation was enough to cover adoption fees from Nov. 16 to Dec. 31, 2016. In other words, people didn’t have to pay for adoption fees for any cats or dogs for seven weeks!
It’s all part of the Home for the Holidays campaign that offers free adoptions for families who want to add furry friends to their home. The goal of the shelter is to place every single pet in the facility by Christmas.

Financial Responsibility

The shelter says those who otherwise can’t afford adoption fees should consider adopting a pet now. However, it’s important to note that owning a pet is still a huge financial responsibility. Owners still have to pay for regular vet checkups and food. Families must still have enough stability in their finances to care for a four-legged member of the family.
People should also consider another problem surrounding holiday times. Pets shouldn’t be given as last-minute gifts to people who may not be able to afford to take care of pets. Unfortunately, many families don’t realize the burden of responsibility when it comes to caring for pet even though parents love seeing their children’s eyes light up when they see a puppy or kitten under the tree on Christmas morning.

Save Some Cash, Bring Home a New Member of the Family

The Sacramento shelter says anyone who wants to save a little holiday cash in 2016, and who can afford to take care of a pet, should head down to the shelter. The event isn’t necessarily about people saving money. It’s about realizing that cats and dogs need homes for the holidays, too.
There are plenty of lovable, adoptable dogs and cats who would love nothing more than to have a warm house, some toys and a full belly every day. There are chihuahuas, pit bulls, ginger cats and tabby tom boys just waiting to stare into your soul and say “take me home” with those longing eyes.
Pacini-Hauch gave the best gift of all this holiday season. She gave dozens of Sacramento families the opportunity to have love and loyalty among cats, dogs and humans. There is no greater gift than love around Christmas time, so this is the perfect way to honor our four-legged friends.
Thank you so much, Kim! Watch the news video below announcing the great donation!
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