Dog Reunites With Family After NINE Year Separation

By Abby James Dec 19, 2016

Here at Devourable, we love a good reunion story. There’s something so wholesome and pure about people and animals coming together after being separated for so long that it hits us right in the feels. Whether it’s a veteran coming home to his dogs or a lost cat being found and returned to her owners, these stories show that there can be happy endings to even the saddest situations.
In most cases, however, the separation only lasts for a relatively short period of time. In the case of returning vets, pet and owner may go for a couple of years between visits, which seems like a long time.
For this story, however, the length of separation was a lot longer. In fact, it was so long that the family and their pet spent more time apart then they did together. Yet, it still has a happy ending.
Nine years ago, the Goldstein family adopted a dog from their local shelter. He was a Boxer Hound named Boozer, and the family bonded instantly with this pooch. The love was palpable, and they all felt that it was a match made in heaven.
Then, tragedy struck. Shortly after Boozer became a member of the family, he managed to escape their backyard and wander off into the wild blue yonder. The Goldsteins searched high and low for their dog, but they had no luck whatsoever. After years of looking, they came to the conclusion that Boozer was gone for good, and they decided to move on.
In a remarkable twist of fate, after almost a decade, the family got a call from a shelter. Incredibly, the place was 2500 miles away from their home, and yet they had a dog that seemed to belong to them. How Boozer managed to get so far is a mystery, but the Goldsteins were faced with a choice.

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Source: Littlethings
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