Scientists Find 900 Million Year Old Dinosaur DNA Encased In Amber

By Kristy Rice Dec 23, 2016

The piece was for sale in an amber market in Myitkyina, Myanmar but thankfully, Dr. Lida Xing (palaeontologist) noticed its significance and saved it from being sold as jewelry. The seller had mistaken the feathers for a plant and was selling it as a curiosity.
Scientists have found dinosaur feathers encased in amber before but have been unable to identify which dinosaurs they came from.
What's amazing about this find is that scientists have pin-pointed the species of dinosaur from this sample. It's a coelurosaur:
Those claws are especially intimidating when you realize scientists estimate coelurosaurs grew up to almost 10 feet!
According to an article published by PBS:
This fossil suggests that feathered dinosaurs had a much wider variety of feather forms than would be predicted sheerly by looking at modern birds and their development. Airy and flexible, they are more like the ornamental feathers of modern birds than stiff, compact flight feathers.

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Source: Xinglida | Pbs | Bbc
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