133 New Species Discovered In 2016 - Including Dracula Ants

By Kristy Rice Jan 4, 2017

One hundred and thirty-three new species of plants, animals and insects were discovered this year by researchers from the California Academy of Sciences.
According to Dr. Shannon Bennett, a scientist at the academy, "Biodiversity scientists estimate we have discovered less than 10 per cent of the species on our planet."
That leaves a lot of species undocumented.
Exploration of hard-to-reach habitats contributed to the discovery of more than one species this year.
Scientists traversed harsh deserts, ocean 'twilight zones', rainforrests, and mountains to find these reclusive species and in the process, also uncovered an alarming bird virus (now called AKD) responsible for debilitating beak deformities.
A new species of ants were discovered. Their scientific name of Stigmatomma is nothing compared to their nickname - Dracula Ants.
Source: Dailymail
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