Ringling Bros. Circus Retiring Show After 146 Years

By Kristy Rice Jan 20, 2017

Ringling currently has two touring circuses which will perform another 30 shows before their respective finales in Providence, Rhode Island on May 7 and at the Nassau County Coliseum in Uniondale, New York, on May 21.
Approximately 500 circus employees were told of the company's decision Saturday night after performing shows in Miami and Orlando. Some will transfer to Feld Entertainment's other, more lucrative shows, like Monster Jam, Disney on Ice, and Marvel Live.
Those the company is unable to transfer will receive assistance with job placement and resumes—and for those who live in the circus train's sleeping cars, Feld Entertainment will also help with housing and relocation.

The End of Elephants

In 2014, Feld Entertainment received settlements to the tune of $25.2 million from groups (including the Humane Society of the United States) who fought for 14 years to defend allegations that the employees and trainers mistreated the elephants.
Despite this win, in May 2016, another drawn-out and expensive legal battle ended with the circus sending their elephants to live in a conservation facility in Central Florida.
Source: Chicagotribune
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