Israel And France Use Cameras To Monitor Slaughterhouses

By Kristy Rice Feb 17, 2017


Israel Goes Live

Israel's plan to implement cameras by the end of 2016 came after a news report aired hidden-camera footage from a Soglowek poultry slaughterhouse.
The footage, secretly recorded by Anonymous for Animal Rights, showed factory workers yanking chickens between the bars of cages when they became stuck, kicking them, throwing them atop each other in heaps, and swinging them around while dancing and laughing.
Guess what their minister did?
Shut down the facility that night.
Yes, the same night the news story aired.
TheĀ Agriculture Ministry also showed no hesitation in temporarily closing the Dabbach company slaughterhouse, the biggest slaughterhouse in Israel, when investigations uncovered instances of factory workers breaking the animals' tails, hanging conscious animals on hooks to be processed, and unnecessarily electrocuting the animals.
They shut it down.
To put an end to the sadistic abuse and suffering, Israel installed 400 cameras within all 50 of the country's slaughterhouses. The cameras transmit live video from every facility, which is monitored by an independent agency (not the meat companies or activists) andĀ volunteers from Veterinarian Monitoring Services.
Source: Onegreenplanet | Onegreenplanet
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