South Africa Wants OK To Export Lion Skeletons For Wine

By Kristy Rice Feb 17, 2017

Images of dogs being skinned and slaughtered splashed across social media. Americans were horrified; we think of pets as family members.
And with those images came a new question:
Why is it acceptable to kill and eat some animals and not others?
Well, I have a new question for you:
Is it okay to treat lions as livestock? To raise them for slaughter?
Because that's what South Africa does—and now they want to export them.
Not for lion steaks to sell at the grocery store but for their skeletons, which have a demanding Asian market and are used to produce high-end products like tiger-bone wine and holistic medicines.
Traditionally, tiger bones are what these buyers are after but as tigers become more heavily protected, lions have become the new tiger and are now being poached and smuggled across borders in an effort to cash in.
Source: Thepetitionsite | Nationalgeographic | Bloomberg
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