South Carolina Passes New Exotic Animal Ownership Bill

By Kristy Rice Feb 17, 2017

First off, owners must register their animal with the animal control authority in their city or county. This registration comes with a hefty one-time fee of $500.
Secondly, the animal's caregivers will be required to create and provide a contingency plan for first responders that outlines a quick and safe recapture of the animal in the event of an escape.
Next, owners must maintain copies of all veterinary records as well as acquisition papers that prove they took ownership of the animal before the ban began on January 1, 2018.
Pet owner must also maintain proper housing for the animal that complies with the federal Animal Welfare Act.
If an animal does escape, pet owners are required to notify animal control, the local sheriff’s department and police department, if applicable, as soon as they discover that the animal is missing. Any costs associated with the escape and recapture of the animal will be the responsibility of the owner as well
To ensure the closure of loopholes, the bill also requires animal owners to comply with all federal, state, and local laws or regulations that apply to the ownership of the animal.
Source: Bornfreeusa | Wltx
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