Here's A Couple Of Kayaking Dogs For You

By Pamela Bonds Sep 23, 2016

Meanwhile, in Vermont…
Have you ever seen a dog kayaking? We haven’t either, until we saw these images of David Bahnson with his two dogs. Apparently, dogs can not only swim, but they can stay balanced in a kayak like it’s no big deal. Considering that’s something we haven’t even mastered, it’s pretty impressive.
As a retired orthopedic surgeon, Bahnson has a lot of free time, which he spends mostly with his two dogs Susie and Ginger.
It all started when Susie would climb into the baggage area of Bahnson’s kayak. He noticed how well she stayed there, and with the addition of a special ring, it meant she could stay dry during the trip.
When David and his wife Linda got Ginger, he wanted to make sure that the three of them could ride together, so he added another hole. Essentially, it’s now a three-person kayak, although there’s only enough room for two dogs and one retired surgeon.
According to Bahnson, the dogs are well trained and stay still for the entire ride. To be safe, he doesn’t get too far out into the water. The dogs seem to understand how to maintain their balance, and don’t get out of the kayak until he commands them.
Unfortunately, both Susie and Ginger passed away recently, but David has two more pups who have taken their place. He says that they usually get a few stares while out on the lake, but overall it’s a great time for everyone.
We’re sure that Susie and Ginger are still kayaking in the big lake up in the sky.
Source: Thedodo