Behind-The-Scenes Of Spy In The Wild

It wasn't in an all too distant past that human beings were unable to explore the depths of the oceans. The mysterious dark and deep was off limits due to our biology and technological limitations.

While we have yet to discover even a small percentage of existing marine life in the Great Big Blue—a small percentage on land, even—the use of remotely operated submersibles have allowed us to experience and explore farther and farther below sea level.

And technology has again brought us closer to animals in their native habitats.


Spy In The Wild

John Downer, producer of the new series Spy In The Wild, spent years combining his passion for animal behavior with his interest in photography, which led to a number of innovative techniques and awards, including a number of Emmys.

Now he's causing quite a stir—and earning international acclaim—with his 'spy' brand of wildlife exploration.

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