Four Kittens Plus a Newton’s Cradle Make for One Cute Combination

From the YouTube channel Funny Cats and Nice Fish comes yet another entrant into cuteness. This video shows what happens when four kittens get a hold of a Newton’s cradle. Cats and kittens are understandably curious as they explore their surroundings. It’s a natural instinct because cats need to know what’s going on around them as a top-of-the-line predator. When these kittens play with the Newton’s cradle, they’re testing out their environment.

How does a Newton’s cradle work?

A Newton’s cradle is named after Sir Isaac Newton, the English physicist who came up with several mathematical formulas. A Newton’s cradle contains five round, metal balls suspended between two metal rods and held in the air by narrow pieces of wire. The contraption demonstrates Newton’s description of the conservation of momentum and energy.

Newton theorized that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. When you pull back one ball and release it, the metal ball slams into the other four. The ball on the opposite end swings up into the air in the exact same, and yet opposite, motion of the ball you just pulled up. When you pull back two or three balls, then two or three balls, respectively, fly up on the opposite side.

Why do kittens love a Newton’s cradle?

Much like a ball of yarn or a piece of string, kittens go after anything that moves. Unlike a ball of yarn or piece of string, a Newton’s cradle doesn’t move very easily for four kittens. Their claws get caught in the metal strings as the balls continue to move back and forth. The kittens aren’t quite sure what to make of things.

The kittens want to tear into the contraption and rip it to shreds as if each ball is a mouse. One of the kittens is eventually smart enough to pull back one ball and let it fly. He then proceeds to catch and release the ball as it returns to him. Maybe there’s a brilliant Newton trapped inside of a kitten’s body?

The video shows how one kitten takes the reins and moves one ball back and forth while the other three watch what happens. One kitten is the ringleader and the others eventually emulate his behavior.

These four kittens will make awesome hunters one day as they patrol their house for mice, bugs, cat toys and foil balls. The kittens make cute videos for their owners, too. Check them out in the video below!

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