Rescued Cat Gives Birth Under Christmas Tree

Life for Tink the cat has taken a few strange turns, but it’s safe to say that she would not be where she is right now if it weren’t for the Lopez family.

As a young kitten, Tink was abandoned by her mother and left out on the street. As a baby, she was not going to survive on her own, and it looked like her life would be cut short. Fortunately, a young girl named Danielle Lopez happened to find Tink, and decided to take her in.

The little kitten was cold, and on the verge of death, so Danielle wrapped her in a sock so that she could warm up. While things were a bit touch and go for a while, Tink ultimately pulled through and made it out alive.

After her near death experience, life with the Lopez’s was amazing. Tink was showered with love and affection, and she couldn’t have asked for a better family. What made the transition even easier was the fact that the Lopez’s had a cat already. A tabby named Sagwa.

Although Tink was a bit young for Sagwa initially, the two of them grew a fondness for each other that blossomed into a full-blown relationship. Tink and Sagwa were madly in love, and as such spent all their time together. For the Lopez’s, having two lovebird cats was a blessing, and they couldn’t be happier.

This Christmas, though, Tink’s story would take another turn for the better. Apparently, her relationship with Sagwa resulted in her pregnancy. Oddly enough, the Lopez’s didn’t pick up on it, until just before Christmas day.

According to Danielle, she came downstairs and noticed Tink sitting underneath the tree. It looked like she was doing something, so Danielle went closer to see what was up. As soon as she approached Tink, she saw a little kitten staring back at her.

She quickly called the rest of the family over, and they watched as Tink continued to give birth. Sagwa was close by, but the Lopez’s knew that male cats could get a bit aggressive around newborns, so they made sure he kept his distance.

After cleaning up the first kitten, another one came out, followed by another. The family watched in awe as Tink gave birth to four babies, each of them more adorable than the last. Considering that it all took place under the Christmas tree, it could be considered a holiday miracle.

The family took all of the kittens and washed them up. Each of them was happy and healthy, with no problems to speak of. Tink was a proud momma and made sure to help her babies thrive as much as possible.

The Lopez’s were so excited by the kittens that they decided to keep them all. Normally, cat owners donate or give away new additions, but the Lopez’s are not a normal family. To them, each of these furry bundles of joy is now part of the family.

Considering the time of year and the location in which it happened, Danielle decided to give the kittens appropriate names. They are Joy, Noel, Faith, and Christmas. That way, each of the cats will have a reminder of where they came from and the story of their birth. Truly, this is a Christmas story for the ages.

The family released the images on Twitter, where the story quickly went viral. Everyone loves to see a happy ending, and this couldn’t have been better even if they planned it. It’s almost like a Disney movie, although this version could be considered too cheesy if shown on the big screen. It just goes to show that truth is always stranger than fiction.

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