These Cats Have A Love That Is Too Pure For This World

Is there anything better than a good love story? Since the dawn of civilization, people have gone nuts over star-crossed lovers who seem destined to be together. Whether it’s a tragedy like Romeo and Juliet, or a modern romance like Ross and Rachel, we can’t get enough of two people who love each other no matter what life throws at them.

But what about animals? Are our pets just as capable of true love as we are? If so, does that mean that your dog or cat has a potential soul mate out there who will fill his or her heart with unbridled joy? While that sounds like a romantic notion, it does seem a bit depressing when you think about the fact that your pet may go his or her whole life without meeting a soulmate, and even if it does happen, how can you make sure that they will be together?

Sorry to weave such a sad tale, but we promise that there’s a method to our madness. In this case, we have come across a story that would suggest that soulmates do exist for animals, meaning that the concept of true love transcends the human experience.

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