This Tiny Kitten Has This Dog All Confused

If you’ve ever seen Looney Tunes, you are probably familiar with the short called “Feed the Kitty.” In it, a large, ferocious bulldog is reduced to a sweet, lovable pup by an adorably little kitten. While this may seem like the antics of a cartoon, it seems that real life has an equivalent.

Meet Bak, a giant Malamute with a heart of gold. With him is a stray kitty named Mjau. According to the person who posted the video, Mjau was abandoned by his mother, so Bak’s owner took him in, bathed him, and took him to the vet.

The video shows Bak and Mjau’s first interaction, and it’s quite something. For the most part, Bak seems to have no idea what to make of the little kitty, but he makes sure to get out of his way. Mjau is very vocal, either as a way to assert his dominance or as a way to let everyone know how cute he is.

Regardless, the meeting of dog and little kitty is about as aww-inducing as anything we’ve seen, and we hope that the two go on many adventures together.

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