Cutest Dogs Of Instagram That You’ll Be Dying To Follow

All the time, people rave over the hottest blonds and brunettes of Instagram…but what about the hottest blonds and brunettes of the animal world? These adorable charismatic pups give all those IG girls a run for their money, but who are we to judge? Check out these cuties and decide for yourself


This ball of fun is maybe the cutest chow chow we have ever laid eyes on. Would love to wake up to this snoring beast every day. So much fluff, so much unlimited snuggling. All we ever dreamed of.

Golden retrievers are famously loyal and sweet, but a whole pile of them? Irresistible.  This family of Goldens hails from Chicago. So many babies and golden puppies playing together – this family must have a whole lot of responsibility, but a whole lot of fun.


For those who like a dose of sophistication with their doggie Instagram, this elegant GQ for dogs Instagram is hilarious, and weirdly poetic. This stylish guy poses in chic outfits and suits – move over, Anna Wintour, there’s a new stylist in town.

Marnie is from NYC, and we love this little deranged Shih Tzu because of her wacky expressions and personality. She was adopted from a shelter at 11 (older gals need love too, ok?) and her 2 million followers prove she has no shortage of love now.

Lucy the toothy bulldog is as much of a goofball as her cheeky name suggests. Apparently Lucy’s favorite candy is that Mexican spicy candy, so you better come bearing gifts if you want a smike out of this wrinkly grump. Also her selfie fame is on point.

This snuggly snowball has already solen out hearts. No one can compete with that smile, seriously. We’re not totally convinced that this nugget isn’t half polar bear cub, and are totally fine with it.

Frenchies hold a special place in our heart – but Rene-Charles might take the cake. With the most French name ever and boundless personality. Most of the time, you’ll probably feel like he’s judging you, or is in a state of philisophial pensiveness – kate moss, move over.

Newfoundlands have that clumsy, over-sized, floppy-tongued way about them that makes them look like a trundling bear, and the most lovable stuffed animal ever. That droopy, lazy fluff monster would be the best beach and adventure buddy ever (and Molly here has proven to be, with her humans!)

We had to save the best for last, right? This teddy bear might have been famous for the longest, in terms of public appearances and cameos. His name is Boo, and we’d love for him to be ours. People can hate on fancy purse dogs all they want, but if you saw this guy in the street, you’d melt too.