The Hilarious And Hard Truth Between Being A Dog Lover And A Dog Parent

Are you a dog lover, or a dog parent?

Before now, you may not have realized that there is a difference. But believe us, there is. A dog lover is someone who has a healthy appreciation of dogs. Maybe they like to play with dogs, pet dogs, or just hang out with dogs.

A dog parent, on the other hand, treats their dog like a child, literally. This means dressing them, taking them everywhere, and sleeping with them. After all, you wouldn’t leave your kid home alone for hours on end unsupervised, would you? You wouldn’t leave your baby at home while you went on vacation, right?


If you want to know the difference between dog lovers and dog parents, then check out these comics by Kelly Angel. She got the idea from a concept on Barkpost and has since made a whole series.

Whether you’re a dog lover or a parent, you’ll get a kick out of these comics.






As you can see, there are some subtle, but important distinctions between the two sets of people. Like, for example, the idea that a picture is not really meaningful without your special little buddy in there with you, which you can see below.




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