If Your Pets Could Text You, What Would They Say?

Texting is ubiquitous, and it’s not going away anytime soon. We all know pets have knack for using the phone. Just ask the hero cats and dogs that dial 9-1-1- to save the lives of their owners, whether there’s a house fire or someone was suffering from some kind of medical malady.

What if cats and dogs could text you? Suspend your disbelief for just a moment that your furry friends could somehow type on a virtual keyboard with a tiny screen without thumbs. Also grin at your cat or dog learning to read and understand your native language’s letters, syllables and words.

High-Tech Tools

What would your pets say to you? How would they text? What would you say back to them? Would you even give them smartphones as a birthday or Christmas present?

There are already high-tech devices, such as wireless camera systems, that let you keep an eye on your pets when you aren’t home. If Fluffy or Fido gets anxious when you aren’t home, just send your voice through the phone so you can talk to your restless pet. A camera lets you keep an eye on things, while a two-way speaker provides an audio connection from your home to your smartphone. The camera is your eyes and ears, and some models cost less than $100. Some devices and collars even have GPS trackers to allow owners to know the location of pets at any time. Some cameras have motion sensors that alert an owner when there’s movement within range of the camera.

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