These Comic Panels Brilliantly Show Animals Mocking Us

There’s nothing funnier than when an animal acts like a human. What comes in a close second is when humorists depict animals that act even more like humans. That’s when comics, illustrations, animated movies and cartoons come into play. Most every American has laughed at the antics of the sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea or bunch of wild animals who live in a civilized city where a CGI bunny is a cop partnered with a sly fox.

Comic Strips and Animals

Animals have always had parts in comics, whether you talk about four-panel comic strips or full-fledged comic books. Think Snoopy as part of The Peanuts gang, Garfield as he demands lasagna from his owner Jon, Heathcliff as he takes on life in his alleyway or even Hot Dog as Jughead’s faithful sheepdog in the classic Archie comics.

More contemporary animals include Catbert from the famous Dilbert comic and Hobbes the stuffed tiger that comes to life in Calvin’s imagination. Open your newspaper (if you still even have a paper copy delivered) and you see animals in comics every single day.

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