Meet The King Of Animal Selfies

Is there any word that’s more modern than “selfie”? For the last several years, it seems that that word has pervaded the popular lexicon, for better or for worse. We still remember when it was called a “self-portrait,” but it appears those days are long gone.

For the most part, selfie-related news is rather drab or cautionary. A man gets hit by a train while taking a selfie. A teenager walks off a pier while taking a selfie. Millennials are so entitled because they take so many selfies. The list goes on.

Thankfully, however, we have a story about selfies that is a bit more enjoyable.

Meet Allan Dixon. This Irish photographer has mastered the art of the selfie. But it’s not just taking pictures of his handsome mug that makes him talented. It’s the fact that he can do it with just about any animal that he encounters.

As you can see, Dixon has a knack for getting animals to agree for a photo-op. He’s a modern-day Dr. Doolittle if the good doctor was more concerned about photos than treating patients.

Overall, Dixon has managed to take dozens of pictures with a range of different species.

From horses...

To kangaroos... sea turtles.

If you’re curious how you can get in on his mad selfie game, he says the trick is to spend time getting to know the animal first and gaining their trust. Apparently, to get the best shot, it can take anywhere from five minutes to three hours just so he can see them smile with him.

Totally worth it? Well, it’s definitely on point for the ‘Gram, so…


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