Top 5 Signs You Might Have Been A Cat In A Previous Life

Cats have been the subject of mysteries, magic and mayhem for thousands of years. Humans began domesticating cats around 12,000 years ago, and the kitty has remained a staple for human households ever since.

If you really love cats, you have some very good reasons. Cats are great companions who love to cuddle, purr and lick your face. Cats are easy to take care of as they can go to the bathroom in the litter box and eat food at their leisure without snarfing down a ton of kibble in one sitting. Traditionally, farm cats make great mousers that keep away rodents. Lowering the rodent population helps protect crops and prevent the spread of disease. Plus, cats get to practice their hunting skills while snacking on tasty morsels.

What if you love cats for another reason? What if you were a cat in a past life? Let’s investigate this line of thinking a little further.

1. Alone Time

You enjoy people, but sometimes you would rather spend some time alone cuddled up next to a bowl of treats. Maybe your bowl of treats is a good book or binge-watching “Thundercats” on Netflix. It’s okay if you would prefer spending time by yourself because that’s perfectly acceptable cat behavior!

Some cats are solitary creatures. Just look at majestic tigers, the king of all cats, who spend most of their lives alone except during mating season or when raising young. Even domestic house cats do well on their own if there is just one in the house. Cats can amuse themselves by climbing, scratching, playing with toys or just sleeping all day.

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