Top 5 Signs You Might Have Been A Cat In A Previous Life

2. Introverted

Some cats just don’t like people at first. When you bring someone new home, your cat just might skitter away to a favorite hiding spot behind the couch, under the bed or even in the litter box. Cats are intelligent animals and they like the normal routine of the house.

If you are the same way, you probably are a bit leery of strangers at first. Perhaps you don’t want to get to know the new employee at the office right away. However, once you get to know the new person, you warm up to the interloper and you’re good from here on out.

Cats are the same way. When you make friends with one, you’re good for life. You may go several months between appearances, but cats will remember you and saunter up to you when they recognize you’re a part of the tribe.

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