Heartbreak Turns To Loving Foster Home For Mom, Entire Litter Of Pups

Staffers at the Sacramento SPCA arrived to work one morning in June 2016 feeling pretty good about their work as if it was another special day at the animal shelter. Imagine their surprise when they found a pit bull on the doorstep to the shelter.

The dog wasn’t restrained at all, which added to their surprise. Then, the truth came out. The pit bull had just given birth to 10 healthy puppies. Staffers think it’s horrible enough to abandon a dog at all, but they believe the dog was dropped off shortly before giving birth.

The workers noted the testament to the loving mom’s devotion to her pups. Despite the bad circumstances of giving birth in a chilly, strange place, the mama pit bull didn’t abandon her pups. The mama could have easily strayed away from the litter as she wasn’t tied up or restrained at all. All 10 puppies were warm and safe.

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