New York Passes Law That Gives Lab-Tested Animals Second Chance At Life

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires many potentially dangerous substances be tested on animals before approval for human consumption. Chemicals, additives, pesticides and pharmaceutical compounds are force-fed, injected and applied to the skins of thousands of animals around the country. In most cases, the animals subjected to this torture spend their entire lives in a laboratory only to be euthanized once the testing is complete. It's a sad and tragic reality of the world we live in. But lab-tested animals in New York are getting a second chance at life.

New York recently became the fifth state to legally require tested animals be turned over to rescue organizations once their guinea pig days are over. Organizations like the Beagle Freedom Project are ready to take on the challenge of fostering these animals and helping them find their forever homes.


The non-profit organization reaches out to laboratories that test on beagles and work to coordinate their release. Beagles are commonly used in laboratory testing due to their docile and trusting nature. That loving and loyal nature is then exploited by these testing facilities, making beagles easy targets for chemical and additive studies. The Beagle Freedom Project had good reason to be excited about the new law passed in New York. They posted on their Facebook page that, "This is an incredible victory...New York is one of the largest pharmaceutical testing states, not to mention one of the largest breeding states for dogs in labs, thereby making it one of the most difficult to pass.”


While the testing itself is still legal, the Beagle Freedom Project is working to lobby government officials and fight the billion dollar industry of animal testing. This win is merely a baby step in the humane direction of ending animal testing and its cruelty.

You can support the Beagle Freedom Project by visiting their Facebook page to donate. Comment #donate with the amount you'd like to contribute and a member of the project will send you a short one-time form to complete your donation.


To support the fight against animal testing as a whole, please check that the cosmetic brands and companies you support with your purchases don't test their products on animals. A comprehensive list of companies that participate in animal testing can be found on PETA's website or through the link provided here.

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