South Africa Wants OK To Export Lion Skeletons For Wine

In America, we've raised and slaughtered pigs and chickens and cows for meat for years. They are a resource. Their bodies contain something we want—a commodity. Food.

Only recently has questioning the ethics of this 'norm' become socially acceptable—which may have had something to do with all the gut-twisting videos that have been passed around the internet of what goes on in these slaughterhouses.

Never before have we been able to share something—a video, an injustice, a joke, or a touching story—globally, as we do now.

But before these horrific video clips spread to public awareness, people just thought you were crazy for thinking about it. Some still do. We were removed from the process. Meat was an ingredient in plastic at the grocery store.

Then came the Yulin Dog Meat Festival.

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