Entire Litter Of 8 Kittens Survives Huge Scare, See The Cuteness

That’s when the volunteers at the Kitten Cottage in Capetown, South Africa, stepped up and fed these littermates round-the-clock. Baby kittens need food every two hours, and they can’t survive without the warmth of their mother. By the time rescuers decided there was no mama cat, the kittens were screaming for food in their little huddle.

There were eight mouths to feed, so Kitten Cottage found two dedicated volunteers, Bernice and Jo-Marie, to help these youngsters grow into healthy kittens. There was a lot of bottle feeding, sleepless nights and scrambling for the bottle. One volunteer fed a kitten while three others sat her lap and squirmed around to try to find the bottle for food.

There were plenty of “mews” and cries for food during the bottle-feeding period, but they all added up to lots of furry cuteness. One photo shows a foster mom wrangling with a bottle in one kitten’s mouth, while two more kittens paw at her and a couple more sit on her lap. With just one bottle and five mouths, it was hard to keep pace.

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