‘A Dog’s Purpose’ Cancels Premiere And Press Junket Due To Viral Video

TMZ recently obtained a disturbing video of an animal actor being forced into turbulent waters and becoming submerged for a period long enough to clearly panic the crew on the set of A Dog's Purpose. The video was released on Wednesday and has since caused a storm of outrage and activism.

The film, which is scheduled to debut January 27, follows the experiences of a dog through his many reincarnations and stars Britt Robertson and Dennis Quaid, with Josh Gad (Olaf from Frozen) voicing the animal.neked7da5maznq_1_b

In the final cut of the shot in question, our hero courageously plunges into a rushing river to save a young girl.

But the reality shows a stark contrast.

Sources to TMZ revealed that eight outboard motors were responsible for the churning water used to create the scene and though the German Shepard is clearly terrified of being put into the tank, he is forced in anyway, only to be pulled under as handlers scramble to rescue him.

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