Kansas Game Officials Shoot Pet Deer In Front Of Family

Kim Mcgaughey walked to a neighbor's farm after hearing that a deer had been damaging their crops. The deer had been shot but its baby was left orphaned.

This was, until the fawn followed Kim home the entire four mile trek, without a lead or any prompting.

Taryn, Kim's daughter, said that her mother and the deer seemed to bond instantly—and Kim named her new friend Faline, from Disney's Bambi.

For two years after that first encounter, the Mcgaughey's and Faline enjoyed a pseudo-adoptive relationship. Faline would come and go as she pleased and was treated as a member of the family.

Faline was their oversized free-range pet.


When the deer broke her leg, Kim fitted piping and gauze around the injury and monitored her recovery.

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