No Pet Left Behind: Military Animal Rescue Operations

In a covert operation into hostile war-torn territory, a special operations agent sneaks into a Middle-Eastern U.S. military base to rescue his target.

Is it a fellow soldier, taken hostage?

No, it's a one-year-old dog named Ghost for his white fur.

The mission? To return Ghost to his human once state-side.

The soldier, in an interview with Fox News, declined giving his name, but told reporters he undertakes frequent missions like this one in war zones across the globe.

"It's the best feeling to reunite these pets with their soldiers," he said in an interview. "I was wounded in Iraq, myself, and I owe my life to my dog. There is a bond there that could never be broken."

The pets acquired by American soldiers while serving abroad are commonly left behind in these war zones since the military does not claim responsibility for them.

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